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    SubjectRe: What PM should be and do (Was Re: Solving suspend-level confusion)

    On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 14:53, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
    > > I really want the core PM code to provide:
    > >
    > > - support for telling what class of device a driver is handling (I'm
    > > particularly interested in keeping the keyboard, screen and storage
    > > devices alive while suspending).
    > Well, they have to be suspended some way to keep a consistent state in
    > the suspend image, at least until the pages are snapshoted... Unless
    > the driver knows how to deal with an inconsistent state (I'm toying
    > with that for fbdev at least right now)

    Yes. I'm not trying to give drivers an inconsistent state, just delaying
    suspending some until the last minute....

    Suspend 2 algorithm:

    1. Prepare image (freeze processes, allocate memory, eat memory etc)
    2. Power down all drivers not used while writing image
    3. Write LRU pages. ('pageset 2')
    4. Quiesce remaining drivers, save CPU state, to atomic copy of
    remaining ram.
    5. Resume quiesced drivers.
    6. Write atomic copy.
    7. Power down used drivers.
    8. Enter S4 if ACPI enabled; otherwise reboot or power down.


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