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SubjectRe: silent semantic changes in reiser4 (brief attempt to document the idea of what reiser4 wants to do with metafiles and why

> Salut,

> On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 08:17:36PM +0200, Spam wrote:
>> How are things done on Windows platforms when there are files and
>> directories with the same name? In Unix that is imposible. How does
>> it work for environments like Cygwin etc? What happen to tools
>> that run in them?

> In NTFS it's illegal IIRC. At least the fs correction utilities
> complain about a block being assigned to two files.

I meant a file and a directory with the same name, not two files
with the same name :) subtle but important difference.

ie, you can have a file named "foo" and a directory named "foo" and
they won't collide.

> Same with HFS+.

> Sometimes there seem to be several things with the same name. But
> that's because of hidden extensions (.lnk for example).

> I'm talking out of the book here, maybe the real-world implementations
> of Windows are different. I can't tell, I only used Windows once to
> ssh into a screwed-up router.

> Tonnerre

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