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    SubjectRe: silent semantic changes with reiser4
    Hans Reiser wrote on Mon, 30 Aug 2004 00:42:13 -0700:
    > or, 2) we should ask Alexander Smith to help with applying the graph
    > traversal cycle detection code that he wrote.

    I put my foot into it, didn't I? It's not too bad, one trick to simplify
    things is to have the concept of a main parent and step parents. The file
    system name space graph is kept structured so that by always going upward
    through the main parent, you're guaranteed to reach the root. It doesn't
    save anything on traversal when deleting files (you still have to visit
    all the relevant nodes to check for cycles), but allows you to replace
    hard links with a new kind of dynamic symbolic link. The hard link
    pretends to be a symbolic link presenting the "true path" to its target,
    which changes as the target moves around (so it's not as reliable as real
    hard link). Old software doesn't see the cycles in the graph, just follows
    the single true path to any particular object like it currently does, and
    sees a bunch of symbolic links to everything else. New software can see
    the full parent list (not just a single "..") and the actual hard links.

    > Ok, Linus and Viro, now I see why it was hard. Being able to effectively
    > connect to compound documents only with symlinks is a bit distasteful,
    > but it is quite livable, and I very much hope you decide it is better
    > than fragmenting the namespace.

    Still, having hard links to attributes or directories of attributes is
    useful. For example, if several contact manager entries reference the
    same person, it would be nice to have that represented as a hard link to
    the attribute directory tree describing that person. That's assuming you
    implement contacts (name, address, etc) as a bunch of attributes in a

    - Alex
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