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SubjectRe: 1GB/2GB/3GB User Space Splitting Patch (PSEUDO SPAM)
On Mon, 30 Aug 2004 04:01:29 +0000 wrote:

| > On Sul, 2004-08-29 at 17:42, William Lee Irwin III wrote:
| > Ok so I can compile with a.out support. End of problem, that makes the
| > patch useful and "spec compliant", although the spec compliance is
| > irrelevant anyway. The spec doesn't determine what Linux is it's a
| > useful reference for normality. Special cases are special cases and you
| > harm the system by seeking to stop stuff that works purely for pieces of
| > paper.
| >
| Amen. USB 2.0 orinoco wireless drivers seems to have problems when user space
| is set to 1GB. Works grat with 2GB ad 3GB user space settings. Problem occurs during
| any acces to usb_read_device(). This doesn't look like a ABI problem, looks like
| a problem with the USB subsystem. The serialize semaphore gets stuck for some
| reason.

What kernel version? I can't even find usb_read_device() in 2.6.9-rc1.

BTW, as someone else requested, please teach your mail client to wrap
lines around column 70-72. Thanks.

| On the other topic, ABI compliance sounds a little restrictive since this is after all, an
| open source OS. Most apps get recompiled and I always download open source
| components for Linux.

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