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    SubjectRe: [patch] libata: add ioctls to support SMART
    John W. Linville wrote:
    > Support for HDIO_DRIVE_CMD and HDIO_DRIVE_TASK in libata. Useful for
    > supporting SMART w/ unmodified smartctl and smartd userland binaries.

    First let me say that it's a damn fine first attempt, and people should
    be able to use this for SMART until support is merged officially.

    > Not happy w/ loop after failed ata_qc_new_init(), but needed because smartctl
    > and smartd did not retry after failure. Likely need an option to wait for
    > available qc? Also not sure all the error return codes are correct...

    I'd like to implement it a bit differently, and I think this different
    method will solve some of the open questions you have.

    Take a look at

    I would like to implement HDIO_DRIVE_CMD and HDIO_DRIVE_TASK completely
    inside libata-scsi.c. These ioctls should translate the ioctl arguments
    into an ATA-passthru SCSI command, and use the standard "issue a scsi
    command" kernel API to submit the command and wait for a result.

    That implies, then, that you would add code to libata-scsi.c that
    translates the ATA-passthru SCSI command into an ATA command using the
    ata_scsi_translate() infrastructure.

    Note that you'll need to make up a SCSI opcode, inside the SCSI
    vendor-specific opcode space, since the ATA-passthru hasn't yet been
    assigned an official SCSI opcode. SPC-3
    ( lists the
    available opcodes in section C.3, denoted with a 'V' across all columns.

    Once libata-scsi.c can handle the ATA-passthru SCSI command,
    implementing HDIO_DRIVE_{TASK,CMD} should be quite trivial.

    And SMART support will be complete :)


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