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    SubjectRe: Celistica with AMD chip-set
    Hello Alan and Richard,

    I have to advise caution here, as it is currently unconfirmed whether or
    not the PCI bridge configuration is "incorrect", and that it has "very
    poor PCI performance".
    Unless everyone in the whole wide world is setting this value and we are
    the only ones who are not, I find it hard to believe that this statement
    is not overspeculative.

    The proper place for this should be in the BIOS, if it is indeed a true
    optimization point.
    But until that is positively identified, we should not assume that
    applying this globally for everyone is the right thing to do.
    As in any assumed optimization for a simgle case, it could potentially
    cause performance degradation in somebody else's HBA.

    This is a cache optimization.

    Have you considered the possibility of this "optimization" causing a
    performance hit with Mellanox's PCI implementation?

    What about people who have already tailored their device driver to work
    well in on this chipset and currently use "read multiple" rather than
    "read cacheline". This optimization could potentially cause a slight
    degradation of performance for them.

    I just propose that we test this change with various card vendors and see
    what the real impact is before we jump to the conclusion that this is a
    serious performance problem for everybody.

    Secondly, if it is the case, then the correct place to put this change is
    in the system's BIOS, and having a software workaround is a last resort.

    If you want, I can write a userspace utility to package with your existing
    tools that can be installed and launched from init to provide this
    optimization feature to the 8131 PCI bridge that your card resides on, to
    ensure that your card gets this necessary optimization.
    Or, you can easily put this capability into your existing device driver.

    I would just rather not assume too much when dealing with something that
    can potentially have a large reprocussion.

    On Mon, 30 Aug 2004, Alan Cox wrote:

    > On Llu, 2004-08-30 at 15:02, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
    > > Hello all,
    > >
    > > The Celistica server with the AMD chip-set has very poor
    > > PCI performance with Linux (and probably W$ too).
    > >
    > > The problem was traced to incorrect bridge configuration
    > > in the HyperTransport(tm) chips that connect up pairs
    > > of slots.
    > Can you get Celestica to mail me their PCI subvendor
    > id/devid's for the problem configuration or DMI strings
    > and then we can do a PCI quirk properly for this.
    > Alan
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    Arthur Perry
    Linux Systems/Software Architect
    Lead Linux Engineer
    CSU Validation Group
    Celestica, Salem, NH

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