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    SubjectRe: Burning audio CD's is totally broken under
    I went to linux-2.6.8-rc1-ck6 when i found this problem to exist in 
    2.6.7 and patches to the kernel and the problem went away. But I was
    told it had nothing t odo with the ck6 patchset as it didn't touch the
    area that was effected (as i was told anyway).

    I've just upgraded to 2.6.9-rc1-mm1 (with nick's patch and mm's patches
    backed out as he suggested to do). Now the kernel does not leak memory,
    which it did with vanilla 2.6.9-rc1.

    Audio writing however doesn't seem to be using dma. I get heavy io
    related cpu usage when burning the cd that brings write speed and system
    responsiveness down significantly. This should not be obviously and i
    was wondering if that had something to do with why the mem leak no
    longer exists or if it's something else entirely separate. Note, in ck6
    audio writing was fine and did not exibit this non-dma-like behavior and
    no configuration changes were made between versions. DMA is detected and
    enabled for the drive in data mode.

    Con Kolivas wrote:

    > Justin Piszcz wrote:
    >> Out of Memory: Killed process 737 (xchats).
    > Known issue:
    > Cheers,
    > Con

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