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    SubjectRe: reverse engineering pwcx
    On Sat, 28 Aug 2004, Clem Taylor wrote:

    > [...]

    > Has anyone even asked Philips if they would be willing to open up the
    > algorithm? Maybe they would have said NO a few years ago, but at this point
    > does it matter?

    I tried yesterday by phone and email, so far I have been unable to obtain
    a definite phone number for someone who actually is responsible for the
    drivers; and I have not yet received any answers to my email to their
    customer service. I will try again on Monday, through their Belgian
    division (so as to not piss off the same people too much), as I don't think
    there's much going on in the weekend. Their tech support did ask me about
    the Linux distribution, kernel version and XFree version, so they have at
    least heard about Linux. :)

    It would help a great deal if Nemosoft could give me a contact address.
    Nemosoft, if you read this, could you help me out? Or perhaps try to reach
    your contact at Philips yourself with the question if any closed source is
    still a necessity - a lot of people would be grateful for a definite
    answer, I'm sure (not in the least yourself, I guess).

    Perhaps there is somebody on this list who works at Philips and can give
    me a reply in private?

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