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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] e1000 rx buffer allocation
    On Friday 27 August 2004 12:36 pm, Chris Leech wrote:
    > As for moving the allocations out of the hard interrupt context, e1000
    > was one of several drivers that tried that a few years back by using
    > tasklets. What I found is that if you split the allocation from the
    > receive processing, it's far to easy to generate an interrupt load
    > which starves the skb allocations. The result is that you
    > continuously use all of the buffers then stall while they all get
    > replaced, and performance is horrible. But if the patch works for
    > your network load ...

    We're getting 6000 interrupts per second, but the box handles it with ease.
    We're getting zero loss now, but I guess with slower hardware or fewer
    buffers, scheduling would be a problem.

    > A better approach for improving jumbo frame allocations might be to
    > use multiple smaller buffers for each receive, something the PRO/1000
    > hardware can do but the e1000 driver has never taken advantage of.

    Yes, that would be a far better solution. I had no idea the card could do
    that. Are there specs on this hardware somewhere? Although my patch works,
    I don't want to stick with a temporary solution.

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