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SubjectRe: kernel 2.6.8 pwc patches and counterpatches
Denis Vlasenko wrote:
>> -----------------------------------------------------------
>> The author of the pwc driver has publicly stated that this
>> NDA has expired more than 1 year ago !!!
>> -----------------------------------------------------------
> "NDA expired" == "information is not a secret anymore" ?
> I'm not sure, IANAL...
> --
> vda

That all depends on the terms of the NDA.
To me, if an NDA expires, it can mean 2 things:
1) All information covered by the NDA has to be returned, and any
information that cannot be returned, (I.E. Remembered in someone's
brain.) must be kept secret forever, or until the information is made
public by someone else.
2) The information covered in the NDA is no longer secret, and can be
discosed to the public.

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