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SubjectRe: Summarizing the PWC driver questions/answers
On Sat, 2004-08-28 at 00:08, Kenneth Lavrsen wrote:
> > I have boxes where I can't run the latest version
> >of AIX any more since the hardware is no longer supported, but you don't
> >see me ripping IBM's head off for that reason.

BTW Sun did similar things with Solaris somewhere aroung 2.6 IIRC.

> Ehhh????? No comment.


> Why not let the current driver be and then work on the alternative?
> Why is it so important that it is removed now?

Because the driver's maintainer wanted it.

> Linus indicated that since Nemosoft had asked for his driver to be removed
> noone else could take the sources as they are and add them again. So any
> altertive would be a start from scratch? Or did I misunderstand this?

Yes, anyone - including you - can take over the maintanance of the
GPL-part of driver. Even if the former maintainer does not like it.

> That can take years. So I cannot update my kernel for years?
> How many normal users knows even how to compile their own kernel?
> You guys on this list talk as if anyone knows how to write a kernel module.
> I think most of you have lost contact with the real users.

No, they complain all around all the time. I don't think one can loose
contact eeven if he wishes.
The point is: This is GPL software - either you do something, or someone
else does something or nothing is done. Whining doesn't help that much
compared to writing code.

> >And why is it you expect open source developers to assist in supporting
> >binary only drivers?
> I am just asking for you guys to not DESTROY what is already there without
> an alternative.

It is not destroyed, it is only in another place. Find it and put it
back whereever you need it.

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