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SubjectRe[2]: silent semantic changes with reiser4

> On Fri, 27 Aug 2004, Markus Törnqvist wrote:
>> People will say it when people stop using Linux on servers because
>> they can integrate metadata easier in other operating systems ;)

> Heh. Considering that WinFS seems to be delayed yet more, I don't think
> that's a very strong argument.

> Hell will freeze over before Microsoft does a filesystem right. Besides,
> WinFS is likely almost in user mode anyway, ie mostly a library, rather
> like the gnome people are already doing with nome storage.

Yes, it is mostly in user land. But, It is still integrated with the
Windows API. This means that normal programs that use the Windows
API will be able to use most of the new features (like displaying
thumbnails, filtered views, etc when you do file operations)

Besides, NTFS is not that bad. It does have both encryption and
compression and a big set of ACL features that aren't in most Linux
filesystems today.

> So there's really no point in trying to push your agenda by trying to
> scare people with MS activities. Linux kernel developers do what's right
> because it is _right_, not because somebody else does it.

I agree. Things should be done because they are good, not because
you are threatened to.

It is a shame really that so many people hate Microsoft (or Apple)
so much they fail to see things that actually are good.

> Linus

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