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SubjectRe: silent semantic changes with reiser4
Helge Hafting <> said:
> Matt Mackall wrote:


> >Find some silly person with an iBook and open a shell on OS X. Use cp
> >to copy a file with a resource fork. Oh look, the Finder has no idea
> >what the new file is, even though it looks exactly identical in the
> >shell. Isn't that _wonderful_?

> It is what I'd expect.

Great. That means that all the tools of the trade stop working. Sounds like
show-killer feature to me.

> Now, use cp -R to copy the file
> _with its directory_,

Either it is a file or a directory. Make up your mind. If you have no clear
distinction, you'll only get messed up. Badly.

> and see if that fares better. If not - bad
> implementation of fs and/or cp. The way I see file-as -directory
> is that _file_ operations (like the reads issued by cat) only
> work on the file part. You want the directory part? Use
> directory operations such as those "cp -R" use.

Excuse me, I must grab my sickness bag here.
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