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SubjectRe: [PATCH] new CSA patchset for 2.6.8
On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, Tim Schmielau wrote:


> Therefore I've Cc:ed some people from whom I got valuable feedback on the
> BSD accounting format patch.
> IMHO CSA, ELSA and BSD accounting are too similar to have more than one of
> them in the kernel. We should either improve BSD accounting to do the job,
> or kill it in favor of a different implementation.

I would be very interested in a CSA implementation similar to what I have on
IRIX. I will also plead guilty to not having downloaded the updated patches
for either the kernel or the tools. I'm continuing to use my poor hack until
a permanent solution gets accepted into the kernel, at which point I'll
adopt that.

And if it counters the impression at all, I'm not a kernel developer, I
proposed my hack out of need as a user of the tools. I also try to stay away
from modified kernels, so I'm running Marcelos' 2.4 stable branch with only
the 32bit u/gid_t hack applied. That's why I haven't had any feedback on the
-mm branch.

In short, for my use BSD accounting is sufficient, but I'd love to see CSA in
Linux as well. Linux hasn't moved too far into roles where it's a necessity
(for what I'm doing, anyway), but I see CSA as something that would certainly
help it assume those roles.

--Arthur Corliss
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"Live Free or Die, the Only Way to Live" -- NH State Motto
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