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SubjectRe: silent semantic changes with reiser4
Christophe Saout wrote:

>Am Freitag, den 27.08.2004, 01:45 +0400 schrieb Nikita Danilov:
>> > At least in reiser4 they don't have, or at least you can't access them.
>>They do.
>> > ln -s foo bar; cd bar/metas shows me the content of foo/metas.
>>That's because lookup for "bar" performs symlink resolution.
>So I can't access them and it is pointless. ;-)
>BTW, I can do a cd metas/metas/metas/metas/plugin/metas... I don't think
>this makes sense. :)
I prefer this one:

hepburn:/# mount
/dev/sda3 on / type reiser4 (rw)
hepburn:/# touch apa
hepburn:/# chmod +x apa
hepburn:/# cd apa
hepburn:/apa# ls
ls: reading directory .: Not a directory

So there is already file-as-dir with legacy "ls" - and it works just
like people seem to want it to do with legacy apps. Not at all.


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