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    Subject2.6.9-rc1 Latitude APM suspend freeze
    Been suffering APM suspend freezes with 2.6.9-rc1 on Dell Latitude C610.
    Now found that you have removed local_apic_kills_bios(),
    which existed precisely to protect against that.

    Perhaps my UP .config, inherited down four years of oldconfig,
    was silly to be saying (APIC and ACPI mentions only):

    # CONFIG_ACPI is not set

    for this machine. I've updated it to:

    # CONFIG_X86_UP_APIC is not set
    # CONFIG_ACPI is not set

    and it looks like the laptop can now do APM suspend safely again [*].

    I'm open-minded as to whether you've done a good cleanup and I had
    a stupid .config; or you've changed things around (perhaps assuming
    CONFIG_ACPI=y?), liable to cause lots of APM suspend grief in 2.6.9.


    [*] Well, only its first APM suspend has been safe with a vanilla
    kernel, ever since the vsyscall page was introduced: later resumes often
    wiping the vital sysenter MSRs. Seemed to come down to prior resume not
    seeing its resume event, and I've patched apm.c to deal with that ever
    since (resume doesn't need an event to know it's resuming).

    So far, since running without CONFIG_X86_UP_APIC, I've not seen my
    warning message of that case: so it's possible the config change will
    prove to fix that issue too, which would strengthen the case in your
    favour. Too soon to tell: somehow it rarely happened when trying to
    test for it, only when doing real-life suspend and resume.

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