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SubjectRe: silent semantic changes with reiser4
Jamie Lokier wrote:

> However, as far as I know it's not accessible in a file-as-directory
> form as yet. In my opinion that is the most natural form and it would
> be very intuitive to use. I hope we can pick a useful semantics for
> them, and also provide filesystem-independent plugins with GNU
> Hurd-like per-user extensibility.
> -- Jamie
> * plenty == too much.
> Gnome, KDE, Emacs and Bash all see different virtual filesystems.
> (All but Bash implement their own virtual filesystem extensions).
> That makes them much less useful than they could be.

It has always bugged me that Gnome and KDE implement their own VFS layers.

It seems to me that having a standard userspace filesystem layer like
FUSE ( would provide a lot of the
benefit that HURD users (all 5 of them) see from filesystem
"translators". Now, safely allowing unprivileged users to run arbitrary
userspace filesystems would be a real trick. But, if it were possible,
it could be combined with files-as-directories in some rather neat ways.

Will Dyson
"Back off man, I'm a scientist!" -Dr. Peter Venkman
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