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SubjectRe: TG3 doesn't work in kernel 2.4.27 (David S. Miller)
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(removed Tetsuo from the as it appears the email address is stale)

David S. Miller wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 13:48:49 -0400
> Mike Waychison <Michael.Waychison@Sun.COM> wrote:
>>Tetsuo posted his lscpi -vv output and he has an A2. The hardware
>>autoneg patch was written and tested against an A3.
>>Would it make sense to do (hand-edited):
> Not really. The autoneg code in the bcm5700 driver works on
> all revisions of the 5704 chipset.
> If I can't get this working soon, I'm disabling it for all boards.
> The software based fibre autoneg should work just fine for
> everyone.

If I understand it correctly, the problem we were seeing is that the
chip was getting framing errors in high-traffic scenarios. Setting it
to use hardware autoneg made these errors disappear. It's possible we
need some other work-around.. :\

Maybe Brian can better explain the issue at hand.

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