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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/14] kexec: i8259-sysfs.x86_64
Andrew Morton <> writes:

> (Eric W. Biederman) wrote:
> >
> > The i8259 does not yet have sysfs support on x86_64
> umm, yes it does. It went into Linus's tree post

Sorry I missed that one. I'm surprised I did not get a reject
when I rebuilt that one against mm2. It appears I was in a bit
of a rush.

Or why it would be nice for this code to be merged :)

> I added the below make-it-compile patch. Please check it.

Please just remove the previous patch and it's fix from your patchset,
as together they are a noop.

The following patch simply adds a shutdown method to the x86_64
i8259 code. That is what I care about in the context of kexec.

While testing this I found a minor ide bug. I will have a patch for
that in a second.


diff -uNr linux- linux-
--- linux- Sun Aug 22 20:56:01 2004
+++ linux- Sun Aug 22 21:00:23 2004
@@ -416,10 +416,24 @@
return 0;

+static int i8259A_shutdown(struct sys_device *dev)
+ /* Put the i8259A into a quiescent state that
+ * the kernel initialization code can get it
+ * out of.
+ */
+ outb(0xff, 0x21); /* mask all of 8259A-1 */
+ outb(0xff, 0xA1); /* mask all of 8259A-1 */
+ return 0;
static struct sysdev_class i8259_sysdev_class = {
.suspend = i8259A_suspend,
.resume = i8259A_resume,
+ .shutdown = i8259A_shutdown,

static struct sys_device device_i8259A = {

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