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SubjectRe: breaks vmware
On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 04:31:12PM +0200, you [Petr Vandrovec] wrote:
> During weekend I was able to create binary patch for VMware Workstation
> 3.2.1 (patch available at
> which turns that messy ioctl & /dev/mem mmap to simpler, safer and better
> /dev/vmmon mmap (and unmap + ioctl to simple unmap) (as used by
> WS4+/GSX3+). After that WS 3.2.1 works on your without
> problems (after applying two patches I'm sending you separately to get
> -mm3 to work at all on my notebook).


I was sure I was out of look with the aged vmware 3.2.0, and now suddenly
there is patch for both the kernel and the application :).

> Ville, please try applying vmware-any-any-update82.tar.gz. During
> application it must say that it found 'VMware Workstation 3.2.1-build
> 2242'. If it will say that it found build-2230 to 2242, new binary
> pattern was not recognized and I'll need your vmware binary, as I did not
> find build 2230 in my archive. Or you can upgrade to the build 2242.

I didn't even realize 2242 had been released ;). (As I said, I've lately
been using vmware less and less.)

I just upgraded to 2242 + any2any82 and it works fine (*). I'm still using
the with the updated dev-mem restriction patch. I'll retest this
as soon as I get to upgrade my kernel again to something that doesn't
contain Arjan's new dev-mem patch. I'll let you know.

*) Apart from that even 3.2.1 2242 does not fix the altgr key that does not
seem to work with 2.6 new input system. I presume the new input layer is
the reason; I do know altgr used to work with 2.4 host kernel and winxp

-- v --

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