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    SubjectRe: HCI USB on USB 2.0: hci_usb_intr_rx_submit (works with USB 1.1)
    Hi Ralf,

    > Okay, I had bluez-bluefw installed (Debian package) but it seems that
    > bluez now uses the standard firmware loading mechanism (request_firmware
    > ()). As such, I copied the BCM2033-FW.bin and BCM2033-MD.hex files from
    > that package into /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware and removed bluez-bluefw.
    > However, I cannot find any evidence of the firmware actually being
    > loaded. I believe that my hotplug install is correctly installed (it can
    > load the ipw2100 firmware). I added some debugging
    > to /etc/hotplug/firmware.agent, but couldn't find any evidence of any
    > firmware being requested for the dongle.
    > Any suggestions what I could try next? Should I add USB_DEVICE(0x0a12,
    > 0x0001) to the usb_device_id array in bcm203x.c?

    this is getting weird, because 0a12:0001 is a CSR based dongle and not a
    Broadcom one. So firmware loading is not needed. It should simply work.
    Give 2.6.8 a try.



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