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SubjectRe: DTrace-like analysis possible with future Linux kernels?
On Thu, 2004-08-19 at 23:33, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Gwe, 2004-08-20 at 00:23, Julien Oster wrote:
> > Come on, it's profiling. As presented by that article, it is even more
> <snip>
> "Profiling for the people" as it were.. (as opposed to the current
> fad of 'profiling the people')

Well profiling for user space developers. Certainly for embedded "soft
realtime" work I've found LTT really useful in understanding where the
contentions where in my user-space code. And also why the old pthread
mutex didn't work well with SCHED_RT priorities :-(

If it was my choice I'd like to see LTT merged, but of course its not
all about me much as I wish it was ;-)

Alex, Kernel Hacker:

Assembly language experience is [important] for the maturity
and understanding of how computers work that it provides.
-- D. Gries

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