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SubjectRe: CD/DVD record
Helge Hafting wrote:
>> Hmm...not sure about that. Not if you do want device specific fixes in
>> there too...
> The question then becomes - how many percent of devices in use need
> fixes to work?
> A simple program with _no_ fixes, that works with correct devices only
> might not be that hard.
> After it becomes popular people simply take care to buy working
> burners. The old broken
> tend to get upgraded after a while, or they can be used with the old
> cdrecord.
> [...]

Good point. Agreed.

>> I'll admit to having some time on my hands but acquiring equipment to
>> test with would be a stumbling block for me.
> Take one thing at a time. If you want to try this, start writing a
> program that works well
> with your particular burner. Chances are it'll work with many others
> too. And then you
> get patches from people who have other equipment. You won't need to
> have everything
> yourself.

Another good point. Agreed.

>> It would be nice if everyone could just put their egos aside and
>> provide a united front wrt FOSS cd/dvd recording.
> :-) This goes for all open source. I don't think it'll happen though. :-/

Hat trick on the Good Point(tm) front. Agreed!

Well then I may go and look into cd recording then...hmm...


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