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SubjectPlease no personal insults on this list (was: GNU make alleged of "bug")
On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Gene Heskett wrote:

> Agreed. Maybe he thinks those of us who speak english still need that
> long to deciher what he thinks is english but in reality reminds me
> of, just a different language for a starting point. I
> can get the meaning in 3 seconds, but to fully read it, and translate
> it into real english takes all of that 15 seconds. Sigh.


your mail, being a "publick speling flame", was outright insulting, and
I, not being a native speaker either, do see four misspellings and one
missing comma in the paragraph I quoted alone. (misspellings between
quote marks are intentional)

You ought to seriously and honestly reconsider whether you are in the
position to badmouth Jörg or the English he writes. His skill is
software development, and although we may not share his dogmatism or
user interface, his software is a valuable contribution

The discussion was about cdrecord, its interaction with the Linux
kernel, and drifted off into a discussion about a GNU make bug that I,
even in the light of Jörg's explanation, still consider rather
unimportant. Even differing views on certain topics should _not_ cause
ad-hominem attacks like yours was.

Even if I see that someone has difficulties with the language, that is
no reason to rub his nose in it.

Reply-To and Mail-Followup-To set to my mail address to
get this unfortunate discussion of the list so at least others can get
back to work.

O si tacuisses...

Matthias Andree
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