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SubjectRe: how to identify filesystem type
On Aug 19, 2004  19:33 +0530, Pankaj Agarwal wrote:
> this is the output when you have a mounted block can only
> mount when you know the filesystem ....thats wat i wanna know...hoe to
> identify filesytems...on ablockdevice.
> thanks anyways, looking forward for more information on this

There is a tool available as part of e2fsprogs (1.34 maybe?) which is
called "blkid" that identifies block devices. Currently fsck uses this
to know what fsck.fstype to use, and it was my hope to have mount(8)
use this also (never got around to doing that work).

The benefits of blkid are that you can use it as a regular user, even
without read access to the disk (it will return cached values generated
by root if you don't have read access to the block device), it also will
print LABEL and UUID information to identify the filesystem, if you use
it repeatedly from some application it doesn't re-scan all of the devices
each time (important for large numbers of block devices).

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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