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SubjectRe: ati_remote for medion

> Actually, since the codes are different, we don't need separate tables,
> because it shouldn't do any harm to have codes for the other remote in the
> same table. The remote sends a code, and we look it up in the table - as
> long as there aren't two entries in the table with the same code, there's no
> problem.
> Anyway, please try the attached file. I just put your codes on the bottom of
> the key table, added your vendor/product ID to the device table, tore out the
> check in probe() (as I think the system does this for us), and noted my
> changes.
> Hopefully the module doesn't freak out when other USB devices are plugged in
> after the module is loaded, otherwise I can fix that. And we still need to
> add some comments / help text showing that we support the medion remote, and
> maybe put your ascii art in somewhere.
> > Don't shoot me if I say anything irrevelant, and I'll stay around for
> > testing and stuff, even my evolution-filters arenot what they should be
> > - they copy it both in my Inbox and my 'Linux-kernel'-directory :|
> That's my fault, I've been CC:ing you, so you get mail from both me and the
> list.

Seems that the codes for the numbers are the same which is probvlematic
for me. I mapped those keys as the keys in the "numlock-area" of the
keyboard. I did it because I have a azerty-keyboard layout (be-latin1),
if I press the numbers it gives now &,é,",',(,§,... I also mapped the
numlock-button on the 'rename'-button right under the '7'-button (cfr.
ASCII-thingie in source). This way I could them use as numbers and as
Home,PgUp,PgDn,Arrows... though I mapped those on ther keys too.

I think it will need 2 different tables thus :| Maybe some other codes
are used twice now ... for other keys, I don't know as I didn't test it
alot and didn't look up in the source.

friendly greeting,

Karel "scapor" Demeyer

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