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SubjectRe: setproctitle
* William Lee Irwin III <> dixit:
>> The command-line arguments are being fetched from the process address
>> space, i.e. simply editing argv[] in userspace will have the desired
>> effect. Though this code is butt ugly.

On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 06:20:27PM +0200, DervishD wrote:
> The problem with this is that is non-portable. Not all Unices
> (AFAIK) have this behaviour. The portable solution for changing
> argv[0] is to use ONLY the space currently allocated to argv[0]. I
> mean, you take argv[0], do a strlen() and overwrite only strlen bytes
> of it. The problem with this is that you cannot write an arbitrary
> string there. If all Unices provide 'setproctitle' that problem
> dissapears.
> Anyway is cool to know that, under Linux, I can change the
> argv[0] with no problems.

It is not portable behavior. It is a description of how to implement
setproctitle(3) in Linux.

-- wli
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