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SubjectRe: PATCH: cdrecord: avoiding scsi device numbering for ide devices
> > While Sun did spend a year refusing to fix security holes I found -  for
> > "compatibility reasons" - long ago back when I was a sysadmin at NTL,
> > the Linux world does not work that way.
> Unless you tell us what kind of "security holes" you found _and_ when this has
> been, it looks like a meaningless remark.

Well ... despite the danger, that this email ist just another meaninless
remark, too, I'd say that Sun acts like any other big software company: they
don't listen to single persons reporting bugs, and tend to blame misbehaviour
of software on you. Personal experience: I implemented some smartcard driver,
it didn't work, I identified a bug, reported it. Sun said: "your software is
buggy". It was only after our client (a big company) intervened, that Sun modified
their kernel drivers (allthough I think the error was "below" that).
Even though I exactly told them how to reproduce the bug, they were not able to.
Two co-workes had to go to Sun in San Francisco - and they instantly were able to
reproduce the bug on Sun's machine.

Typical scenario: small sw-company reports bugs -> reply: "you are too unskilled".
big company enters the scene -> things are getting fixed.

So, you see, Sun is not per se impeccable.

best regards,

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