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SubjectRe: module.viomap support for ppc64
 On Fri, Aug 20, Rusty Russell wrote:

> Current implementation of aliases is to load one at random: multiple
> alias resolution is undefined because noone knew what we should do (load
> them all? Load until one succeeds?). But note that that the base
> config file overrides anything extracted from the modules themselves, so
> users/distributions can always specify an exact match.

How is the blacklist stuff supposed to work then? It must be possible
to map an alias entry to a list of modules, and check if any of them is
blacklisted. Then just 'for i in $DRIVERS ; do modprobe $i ; done'.

> > Is there such functionality for the modules.alias file in
> > module-init-tools? I played around with modprobe -n, but could not
> > figure it out. Unfortunately, some hardware has more than one driver.
> > bcm5700/tg3, eepro100/e100 and maybe more.
> OK, I think the difference here is that I feel modprobe should resolve
> it. What's the right answer? Do we need a new "unalias" config cmd
> which does the blacklist, or is the current positive method better? How
> do you currently decide?

modprobe or some other tool can certainly resolve it, but something has
to make a decision based on a blacklist if a certain module can be
Look at /etc/hotplug/pci.agent how it currently done, it parses the
modules.pcimap, fills $DRIVERS and passes that variable to the generic
modprobe function from hotplug.functions. It reads
/etc/hotplug/blacklist to decide if any of the modules listed in DRIVERS
must be skipped.

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