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SubjectRe: PATCH: cdrecord: avoiding scsi device numbering for ide devices
Alan Cox wrote:

> If you've re-enabled unlimited access to your box you've
> let your users destroy your machine. Whether that matters probably
> depends on your users.

Not unlimited! I just collected all commands that were blocked from
cdrecord and growisofs. Actually, quite a lot :-/ But I'm far from
being expert enough to judge if those commands are safe or not.

Just for the records and if someone is interested it:
In addition to the patch Andreas Messer sent a while I ago, those
commands had to be set safe_for_read on SusE 9.1 with a Nec ND-1300A
and a Plextor PlexWriter W5224TA:

+ safe_for_read(REZERO_UNIT),
+ safe_for_read(0xe9), /* drive specific, unknown */
+ safe_for_read(0xed), /* drive specific, unknown */
+ safe_for_read(GPCMD_MODE_SELECT_10),
+ safe_for_read(GPCMD_FLUSH_CACHE),
+ safe_for_read(GPCMD_SEND_OPC),
+ safe_for_read(GPCMD_BLANK),
+ safe_for_read(GPCMD_WRITE_10),
+ safe_for_read(GPCMD_FORMAT_UNIT),
+ safe_for_read(GPCMD_SEND_CUE),
+ safe_for_read(0xf5), /* drive specific, unknown */
+ safe_for_read(GPCMD_CLOSE_TRACK),

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Lehrstuhl f. Bioinformatik Mail:
LMU, Amalienstr. 17 Phone: +49 89 2180-4049
80333 Muenchen, Germany Fax: +49 89 2180-99-4049

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