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SubjectRe: 2.6.8-rc2-mm2
Andrew Morton wrote:
> - Added Con's staircase CPU scheduler.
> This will probably have to come out again because various people are still
> fiddling with the CPU scheduler. But my feeling here is that the current
> 1st-gen CPU scheduler has been tweaked as far as it can go and is still not
> 100% right. It is time to start thinking about a new design which addresses
> the requirements and current problems by algorithmic means rather than by
> tweaking. Removing over 300 lines from the scheduler is a good sign.
> Feedback on this patch is sought.

Anyone with feedback on this please cc me. This was developed separately
from the -mm series which has heaps of other scheduler patches which
were not trivial to merge with so there may be teething problems. Good
reports dont hurt either ;)

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