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Subject2.6.7, apm suspend and ReiserFS bug?
The kernel is vanilla 2.6.7.
The hardware is a p3-650mhz laptop with intel-bx chipset
and usb1 (uhci_hcd).

This is the problem, I had a 2.5" ide hard disk in a
external USB box, it works with usb-storage.

The hdd has two reiserfs filesystems on it. I had one of
them mounted (that was my old /home) when I suspended the
laptop (with apm --suspend, that's the only one working on
the laptop). After wakeing the laptop this is the error
message I got in "dmesg":

After that I couldn't umount that partition, but even worse
I couldn't umount ANY other ReiserFS partitions (root and
/home on the internal hdd). All the umount commands became
dormant, and also shutdown or reboot were dormant. I had to
do a hardware-reset. I don't think one block device going
bad, should affect other filesystems, no. Is this a bug?

This is my kernel config if its of any relevance:
(note: even though this kernel has ACPI builtin, ACPI
doesn't work on the laptop since the bios is to old. so I'm
using APM).
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