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SubjectRe: Crashes and lockups in XFS filesystem (2.6.8-rc4).
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El Jueves, 19 de Agosto de 2004 10:44, Nathan Scott escribió:
> On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 06:16:57PM +0200, David Martinez Moreno wrote:
> > Hello, I am getting persistent lockups that could be IMHO XFS-related. I
> > created a fresh XFS filesystem in a SCSI disk, with xfsprogs version
> > 2.6.18.
> >
> > Mounted /dev/sda1 under /mnt, after that, I have been copying lots of
> > files from /dev/md0, then run a find blabla -exec rm \{\} \; over /mnt
> > and then voilà! the lockup:
> Did /mnt run out of space while doing that? Or nearly? There's
> a known issue with that area of the XFS code, in conjunction with
> 4K stacks at the moment - was that enabled in your .config?
> Looks like something stamped on parts of the xfs_mount structure
> for the filesystem mounted at /mnt, a stack overrun would explain
> that and your subsequent oopsen.

Hello, Nathan, many thanks for the reply.

The machine locked up last night again, so I cannot login, and I cannot
manage to remember if I enabled 4K stacks in the code, could be possible, but
I am not sure.

What I am sure of is that /mnt was plenty (8-10 GB or so) of disk space. I
had two or three concurrent accesses, IIRC, some of them writing from the
RAID to the SCSI (both using XFS), and the last one finding and removing
unwanted packages.

Could this scenario give you some hints? I will return where the server is in
5 hours, and I will send to the list the .config.

Again, many thanks,

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