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SubjectRe: and Asus L3C : problematic change found, can be reverted. Real fix still missing
Li, Shaohua wrote:
> Eric,
> The patch for bug 3049 has been in and should fix the IO port
> problem. If the Asus quirk is just because of IO port problem, I'd like
> to remove it. Note PNP driver also reserves the IO port for the SMBus
> and lets SMBus driver to use it. ACPI motherboard driver behaves the
> same as PNP driver.

Unfortunately, as I understand it, the fix is done to "unhide" the SMBus
that otherwyse is not seen but it has unexpected side effect of messing
ioports allocation/reservation. I guess lspci with and without the fix
could help to understand the problem. Here is the comment on top of the
function :

* On ASUS P4B boards, the SMBus PCI Device within the ICH2/4 southbridge
* is not activated. The myth is that Asus said that they do not want the
* users to be irritated by just another PCI Device in the Win98 device
* manager. (see the file prog/hotplug/README.p4b in the lm_sensors
* package 2.7.0 for details)
* The SMBus PCI Device can be activated by setting a bit in the ICH LPC
* bridge. Unfortunately, this device has no subvendor/subdevice ID. So it
* becomes necessary to do this tweak in two steps -- I've chosen the Host
* bridge as trigger.

BTW, maybe we should change the comment because it is on many ASUS
boards if not all ...

-- eric

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