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SubjectRe: [PATCH] --- UML build fixes
On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 05:19:23PM -0400, Jeff Dike wrote:
> said:
> > What makes um so speciel that it cannot handle .lds files in arch/um/
> > kernel like all other architectures? That would allow um to utilise
> > the kbuild infrastructure, and no need for duplication.
> Beats me, as the comment says, I could not get the kbuild .lds.S : .lds rule
> to fire for make kept sending it to the asm .S.o rule.

That's beause so little of the kbuild infrastructure is enabled
when including arch/um/Makefile

You need to move the *.lds.S files to for example arch/um/kernel then
you can use the kbuild infrastructure.

The fact that the .S.o rule is enabled is due to the kallsyms hack.

> > Code located in arch/um/ is an error. No code should stay there.
> OK, that's easily fixed.
> > In general they seems too complicated for the task solved - but it may
> > be needed.
> Yeah, they are. They desperately need a reaming.

For klibc I'm halfway with kbuild infrastructure to build user programs.
Syntax is very similar to what is know today, and I hope we can use it
for um as well.

See: select klibc
Browse source and look into usr/kinit/Makefile for an example

But to use this for um we would need to separte all user mode programs
out in separate directories . as discused before.

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