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SubjectRe: Patch to to allow multiple NMI handlers to be registered
Andreas Dilger wrote:

>On Aug 19, 2004 09:35 -0500, Corey Minyard wrote:
>>* Allow multiple handlers to be registered and return if they have
>>handled the NMI or not. oprofile and nmi_watchdog are modified to use this.
>Why not use a notifier call chain as is done with panic & friends instead
>of implementing the same thing specifically for NMI?
A couple of reasons:

* The "handled" value needs to be passed around so handler know if
previous handlers have already handled the NMI.
* It allows the list of registered NMI handlers to be dumped in

I thought that the notifiers callout used locks (which would be a
no-go), but it doesn't. So I can scratch that one from my list.


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