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SubjectRe: new tool: blktool
Mark Lord wrote:
> >* I don't mind HDIO_DRIVE_TASK nearly as much as HDIO_DRIVE_CMD,
> >* since the command protocol is available.
> That's not HDIO_DRIVE_TASKFILE, by the way.. a different beast there.
> HDIO_DRIVE_TASK is just a slightly different form of HDIO_DRIVE_CMD
> for non-data commands (specifically, some SMART commands),
> with a more complete register set being exchanged.

Oops, indeed I meant HDIO_DRIVE_TASKFILE.

Anyway, once the infrastructure for the ATA Pass-thru CDB is implemented
in libata, it is trivial to implement any of these three HDIO_DRIVE_xxx
ioctls, using the ioctl data to build a scsi command internally. A bit
strange at first glance, but it maximizes the leverage of existing
kernel infrastructure to send commands, time them out, etc.


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