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SubjectRe: ati_remote for medion

> Are the keycodes unique enough that you can just put the keymaps for both
> remotes into the same table? I.E. when you wrote your keymaps, did you have
> to remove some of the others to get it to work, or was that just for
> cleanliness? Otherwise, we'd need to have multiple tables and choose which
> to use based on which remote is being used.
> Oh, and do stick around, Karel, someone will need to test the result.
> BTW, does anyone know whether the probe function actually needs to check
> whether the product and vendor IDs match the device? I've seen docs that
> imply yes, but many drivers don't check, and I feel stupid iterating thru the
> table if no.
> Have fun,

I don't know if anything I say is usefull, but: The keys on my remote
and those on the ati-remotes doesn't seem to share the same 'hex-
code' (?). I had to manually find out each code per key (I didn't know
how to do it). The hardwarealso has other (and maybe more) keys. The
ati remote has mouse-buttons for example. In the code I sent earlier, I
made a ASCII-scetch of how my remote looks like (if someone wants it,
I'll put a photot online ;)). So, I think the driver will need to
separate tables to choose from when it knows which remote is used.

Secondly, I'd like to say that I HAD to change the Vendor_ID - thing to
let it work with my remote (found it out using lsusb ;)).

Don't shoot me if I say anything irrevelant, and I'll stay around for
testing and stuff, even my evolution-filters arenot what they should be
- they copy it both in my Inbox and my 'Linux-kernel'-directory :|


Karel "scapor" Demeyer.

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