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SubjectRe: PATCH: cdrecord: avoiding scsi device numbering for ide devices

Please let us cluse this duplicate discussion here.
It does not give new informstion and it takes a lot of my time.

>From Thu Aug 19 17:07:13 2004

>Non-issue. SuSE 9.1 PRO:

>$ rpm -qf /usr/bin/cdrecord
>$ /usr/bin/cdrecord -version
>ZY�$: Operation not permitted. WARNING: Cannot set RR-scheduler
>ZY�$: Permission denied. WARNING: Cannot set priority using setpriority().
>ZY�$: WARNING: This causes a high risk for buffer underruns.

What you see is 2 SuSE created bugs :-(

1) printing this message at all in this special case

2) SuSE using non initialized variables.

>Cdrecord-Clone-dvd 2.01a27 (i686-suse-linux) Copyright (C) 1995-2004 Jörg Schilling
>Note: This version is an unofficial (modified) version with DVD support
>Note: and therefore may have bugs that are not present in the original.
>Note: Please send bug reports or support requests to
>Note: The author of cdrecord should not be bothered with problems in this version.

Isn't is pure taunt to output the text "may have bugs" after verifying two bugs?

>$ /opt/schily/bin/cdrecord -version
>Cdrecord-Clone 2.01a37 (i686-pc-linux-gnu) Copyright (C) 1995-2004 J�rg Schilling
>/opt/schily/bin/cdrecord: Warning: Running on Linux-
>/opt/schily/bin/cdrecord: There are unsettled issues with Linux-2.5 and newer.
be "later"
>/opt/schily/bin/cdrecord: If you have unexpected problems, please try Linux-2.4 or Solaris.

>I read the discussion as though these issues had been settled with
>Linux 2.6.8. Is 2.01a37 too old to be aware of the fix or is there an
>issue left with finding the "right" header files?

cdrtools is in code freeze and Linux-2.6.8 did open new problems that would
require code anhancements that cannot be done in this state of cdrtools.

There are other problems that have been discussed last week.....


-- (home) Jörg Schilling D-13353 Berlin (uni) If you don't have iso-8859-1 (work) chars I am J"org Schilling
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