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SubjectRe: PATCH futex on fusyn (Was: RE: [RFC/PATCH] FUSYN Realtime & robust mutexes for Linux, v2.3.1)

* Perez-Gonzalez, Inaky <> wrote:

> Performance:

> Environment Seconds (10 continuous runs averaged)
> ----------- -------------------
> plain NPTL and futexes 0.97
> plain NPTL, futexes use fuqueues 1.15
> Under RTNPTL, using fulocks 1.48

hm, nice - only ~18% slowdown for a very locking-intense workload. If
that could be made somewhat lower (without bad compromises) it would
kill most of the performance-based objections.

the RTNPTL overhead (+~30%) is to be expected i guess - but it's
optional so no pain.

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