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SubjectRe: Tty problems?
Stephen Smalley wrote:
> I find that puzzling, given that flush_unauthorized_files is only called
> if the process is changing SIDs on exec, and running less certainly
> doesn't involve a SID transition (at least for any policy that I have
> seen). I tried the sequence shown with with SELinux enabled
> and disabled, and did not see the behavior he describes. Is the bug
> reproducible? Was he running with SELinux enabled or disabled? What
> policy did he have loaded?

According to Ismail:
* The problem is reproducible.
* SELinux is disabled.
* With the patch the problem occurs.
* With the patch reversed, the problem went away.

Unfortunately, this appears to be mixed up with
another change causing udev to garble
the creation of /dev/tty and pty devices.

Applying/reversing the controlling-tty patch in isolation
creates/corrects the symptom with the less program,
so there seems to be some relation.

Paul Fulghum
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