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SubjectRe: [patch] voluntary-preempt-
Ingo Molnar wrote :
> here's -P2:
> Changes since -P1:
> - trace interrupted kernel code (via hardirqs, NMIs and pagefaults)
> - yet another shot at trying to fix the IO-APIC/USB issues.
> - mcount speedups - tracing should be faster
> Ingo
> -

The next problem I have relates to irq sharing.
On my laptop I can't avoid it :
10: 1070631 XT-PIC yenta, yenta, uhci_hcd, Intel
82801CA-ICH3, hdsp, eth0
If I set the sound card's interrupt to be non threaded, then I get a
rather long non preemptible section :

As a side note, and this has already been reported here several times,
the SA_INTERRUPT flag set notably by the sound card drivers handlers is
not honored on current kernels if the device is not the first one to be
registered. A simple fix would be to add SA_INTERRUPT handlers at the
beginning instead of the end of the irq queue in setup_irq.

Similarly, when using SA_SAMPLE_RANDOM, all devices on the given irq
contribute to the entropy, even those that have a predictable interrupt
rate (e.g. sound cards), and/or for which the number of interrupts could
outweight the number of interrupts of the original SA_SAMPLE_RANDOM


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