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Subjectnetwork regression using 2.6.8.x behind Cisco 1712

I encountered regression in when behind Cisco 1712 router.
There is huge network slowdown, my connections rate drops to ~10K/s on, local network is fine. When using 2.6.7 connection rate is
~400K/s (depending on what I am downloading).

Network configuration is same on and 2.6.7. My .config can be
found at

Kernel is vanilla with MPPE+MPPC patch applied, but same behaviour has
distribution debian kernel. Also I have tried to disable QoS and IPv6
in, but without any result.

It could be some bug in IOS, but it is triggered by some change between
2.6.7 and 2.6.8. Any hints what should I try or where to look?
I could try some -pre and -rc kernel to locate where this was
introduced, but at least try to hint me which version should be
considered, I am not so willing to compile all -preX and -rcX, but could
do that if neccessary to hunt this regression.

Please Cc: me, I am not on list.

Ondřej Surý <>
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