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SubjectRe: Merge I2O patches from -mm

Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 01:08:33AM +0200, Markus Lidel wrote:
>>Okay, patch i2o_scsi-cleanup.patch adds a notification facility to the
>>i2o_driver, which notify if a controller is added or removed. The
>>i2o_controller structure has now the ability to store per-driver data
>>and the SCSI-OSM now takes advantage of this. So all ugly parts should
>>be removed now :-)
>>If you have further things which should be changed, please let me know...
> Looks much better now, thanks. But instead of the notify call please


> add a controller_add and add controller_remove method, taking a typesafe
> i2o_controller * instead of the multiplexer.

I had this before, but i want the notification also for I2O devices,
because the driver model won't call probe functions for devices, which
are already occupied by a other driver. This is not the best solution,
if you have more then one drivers which could handle a device. This is
the case in e.g. i2o_proc, which only want to display information, and
is not a "real driver". So finally there will be controller_add,
controller_remove, device_add, device_remove... and i thought it would
be more generic, and i also don't have to add a function each time a new
notification is needed :-)

Also i tried to implement the notification like the one already in the
kernel, so i could exchange my notification facility with the already
existing one (include/linux/notifier.h)...

Best regards,

Markus Lidel
Markus Lidel (Senior IT Consultant)

Shadow Connect GmbH
Carl-Reisch-Weg 12
D-86381 Krumbach

Phone: +49 82 82/99 51-0
Fax: +49 82 82/99 51-11

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