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SubjectRe: setproctitle
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> On Behalf Of William Lee Irwin III
> Sent: Wednesday, August 18, 2004 1:59 AM
> To: DervishD
> Cc: Linux-kernel
> Subject: Re: setproctitle
> > The command-line arguments are being fetched from the process address
> > space, i.e. simply editing argv[] in userspace will have the desired
> > effect. Though this code is butt ugly.

Please fix your quoting style.

On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 02:21:36PM -0700, Robert White wrote:
> What prevents overrun when updating arg[]?
> What happens to all the little ps (etc.) programs when I munge
> together a *really* *long* title?
> Can the entirety of arg[] be moved to a newly allocated region, if so
> how? (e.g. wouldn't I have to have access to overwrite mm->arg_start
> etc?
> I'd prefer a setthreadtitle(char * new_title) such that the individual
> threads in a process (including the master thread, and so
> setproctitle() function is covered) could be re-titled to declare
> their purposes. It would make debugging and logging a lot easier
> and/or more meaningful sometimes. 8-)
> It would also let the system preserve the original invocation and
> args for the lifetime of the process to prevent masquerading. You
> know, by default the title is the args, but the set operation would
> build the new title in a new kernel-controlled place and move the
> pointer.
> I'd be willing to work on this if there is interest.

Well, I pointed the code out to you, so you should be all set to find
the answers to these questions and/or implement the proposed changes.
When you have patches for such proposed changes I'll review them then.

-- wli
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