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SubjectKbuild updates
Another bunch of smallish kbuild updates.

o Fix parrallel build
o Add make C=2 to force check of C code with sparse
o Fiw warnings in binoffset
o Removed dreadful check for undefined symbols in vmlinux
o Delete last occurence of HEAD in kbuild
o Add comments to Makefile.clean
o Introduce CHECKFLAGS enabling make CHECK=mysparse

Patches follows (most have been sent to lkml before).

Significant outstanding items in kbuild land is mainly package
Several issues needs to be adressed:
- Rename debian directory to deb/debian
- Utilise parallel build with make rpm
- Add one more prm package variant
- Add tar-pkg, targz.pkg
- Find a better way to identify relevant binaries to include in rpm, deb
- Current KBUILD_IMAGE proves not to be good enough

And a patch relate to control alignment in gcc produced code.
Needs to land some consolidation stuff first. Planning to rename
check_gcc to gcc_option, and include a new one named gcc_option_ok.

For ppc we have a problem with as trashing /dev/null.
This is apperantly due to this code:
BAD_AGCC_AS := $(shell echo mftb 5 | $(AS) -mppc -many -o /dev/null >/dev/null 2>&1 && echo 0 || echo 1)

It seem like as deletes /dev/null and recreate it.
Not good if run as root - which is needed for modules_install for example.

Would it be considered acceptable to start using mktemp to generate temporary
filenames as part of a normal kernel build?
I do not fully understand the eventual security issues around this!

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