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SubjectRe: Effect of deleting executables of running programs
On Wed, Aug 18, 2004 at 11:16:46AM -0700, Shriram R wrote:

> a) I always thought that once a job is running, the executable is
> entirely loaded into memory and the abcd.out file is no longer
> needed.

Not always, but it doesn't matter since the file actually is removed
from disk until the the last running instance terminates.

> If so, then why does the a running job crash on deleting abcd.out?

I have no idea. But removing an executable whilst running isn't
uncommon, when you upgrade ayour machine this happens many times with
applications and libraries.

> b) To what extent can I trust that the rest of the 6-7 jobs that are
> running have not been affected by this deletion of "abcd.out" ?

Since one crashed already and there are no details as to why I have no

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