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SubjectRe: Tty problems?
ismail dönmez wrote:

>>That does not look right.
>>Char dev 3 is the pty major.
>>This could be left over from running with the controlling-tty patch.
>>Try recreating /dev/tty as a char special file:
>>mknod -m 666 /dev/tty c 5 0
> Hmm I use udev and /dev/tty dir is created again at startup. So
> something else is broken too I think.

This is almost certainly related to the addition
of pty devices to devfs in bk-driver-core.patch
Change is by

This explains why you are seein pty major devices
created in a /dev/tty directory.

Specifically the changes in drivers/char/tty_io.c
in function tty_register_device()

Try backing out that specific portion of bk-driver-core.patch

Paul Fulghum
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