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    SubjectRe: /bin/ls: cannot read symbolic link /proc/$$/exe: Permission denied
    Olaf Hering <> writes:

    > On Mon, Aug 16, Olaf Hering wrote:
    >> For some reasons ls -l /proc/$$/exe doesnt work all time for me,
    >> with on ppc64. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. No pattern.
    >> A few printks show that this check in proc_pid_readlink() triggers
    >> an -EACCES:
    >> current->fsuid != inode->i_uid
    >> proc_pid_readlink(755) error -13 ntptrace(11408) fsuid 100 i_uid 0 0
    >> sys_readlink(281) ntptrace(11408) error -13 readlink
    > A better one, clear both new fields, just in case.



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