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    SubjectRe: eth*: transmit timed out since .27 (was: linux-2.4.27 released)
    I'm glad that turning off "pci=noacpi" fixed your system.
    I don't know why the legacy irqrouter didn't work, but
    as ACPI works, I'm not going to worry about it;-)

    I expect the "acpi=off" experiment would behave the same as
    "pci=noacpi", but it looks like in your experiment you
    mis-spelled that parameter as apci=off, so instead it was the
    same as the default ACPI-enabled case.

    Re: lots of interrupts on the same IRQ.
    There are boot params to balance out the IRQs in PIC mode,
    but what you want to do on this system is enable the IOAPIC
    in your kernel config. The existence of the MADT in your
    ACPI tables suggests you may have one. An IOAPIC will bring
    additional interrupt pins to bear, usually allowing
    the PCI interrupts to use IRQs > 16 where they may
    not have to share so much.


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